Devin was born and raised in Mauritius with no Christian background. In 1977 at the age of 18 he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior in a small Assemblies of God church in the Bambous village. After been born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit; he did street evangelization and loves to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the dying world. The journey from there included, roles as a youth pastor, worship leader, associate pastor, and in 1988 after 9 years of studying, he stepped out to be the pastor of Bambous Assembly of God as full time Pastor. He has a passion for the presence and power of God and is eager to bring people into a dynamic encounter with the Holy Spirit. He has a burning desire and enthusiasm for the church to be empowered by the Spirit and influence the community.

He has a deep desire to reach people who don’t know God, and to encourage the church to worship at a heart level, calling them to return to their first love. The Father seeks for true Worshipers right one and worship releases power. Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. He long to experience God and to allow others to see Him work. He believes this is one of the distinguishing marks of His people and a powerful help to those who seek Him. God’s manifest presence is a presence we can experience. It’s tangible. It’s something we can sense and It comes when God speaks, heals, delivers, and touches.

He married his wife Simla in 1989 and they all attend church and are a vital part of God’s work. She has a deep, quiet passion for God and a real love for anyone who is seriously hungry and thirsty for the Word of God. In July 1999 God open doors for them to be in America Illinois. They attended Dr. Hagin meetings in Tulsa, visiting Oral Roberts University, visiting the Assemblies of God Headquarters and went to Branson Missouri attending Joyce Meyers meeting. He has been blessed to have had the opportunity to minister the word of God in Rodriguez island, Zimbabwe, India and in USA. Most importantly, Pastor Devin is a servant of the gospel. He has a burden to restore hope, bring healing and deliverance through the word, to those of the local community and to the nations of the world.

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To God be all the Glory.